DORA App Goes Live!

We have been keeping this under the lid for so long that we are excited to finally announce it: The DORA App is now live and publicly accessible to all. After a series of developments over the last 30 months, DORA App can now be found on application stores for Android and iOS users.

So go and grab it right now to try it out yourself! Not only will you get a look into the future of convenient traveling, you can get rewarded for it if you fly between Palma de Mallorca and Berlin and share your experience with us through the in-built questionnaire.

So what to expect? Well, you can check out the screens below: it’s clear, simple and fast to use. And it gets you to where you need to be, whether it’s the sunny shores of Palma or the urban beat of Berlin.

The go ahead for launch took place during eighth Project Plenary Meeting in Palma de Mallorca, Spain, which is also one of the trial cities. The project partners collaboratively reviewed the project progress and unanimously decided to go ahead with the public launch of the DORA App and are now eager to show you exactly what it can do.



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