DORA traveling in EUTRAVEL and ETC

The DORA project is going on and this time DORA was present in the EuTravel and 44th European Transport Conference in Barcelona. Two presentations were held with themes of  DORA project & Innovative Mobility Services and MaaS (Mobility as a Service): the solution to current issues. 



The DORA was introduced by Patricia Bellver Muñoz from one of the project consortium member companies, Etra. The presentation raised interest among attendees focusing on following themes:

  • Which kind of maps will be used for indoor navigation?
  • How DORA will take into account weather conditions and incidents that affect traffic during the journey?
  • What stakeholders should be involved in DORA platform to work properly?
  • Which user incentives will be offered to get air passengers involved during the test phase?

These present important questions that illustrate well the diversity of the issues associated with DORA development. Solving these together with other issues, requires collaboration within various actors. Luckily, the DORA involves already a network of experts working together to find best possible solutions.


Want to get involved or collaborate with us? Reach out to for more info and keep posted for updates on your chance to participate to the pilot tests taking place in June.


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